E-Wall Credit

E-Wall Credit is a product of E-Wall Technologies Company Limited (EWTCL).
Vision: “Empowering youth and professionals to a good footing in life through real estate financing”. E- Wall Credit gives low risk loans for land acquisition, real estate development and facilitation of personal prosperity through land ownership.

How E-Wall Credit unlocks your prosperity

Joint Land Purchase
Call it a top-up loan. In the event that you have insufficient funds to finance your land purchase, we enter a joint purchase agreement with you to meet your financial deficit to purchase your desired land. Consider the E-Wall top-up funding as the only loan amount you pay to gain full ownership of the land.

Land as collateral
Real wealth is in land ownership and E-Wall Credit facilitates that. When you do not own land, we enable you acquire one to unlock your wealth potential. Armed with land as a collateral, we empower you with the financing for your personal development initiatives.